Gythio or also Gytheion or Gytheio - Lakonias is situated at the eastern border of the Peloponnese "middle finger". The town is referred to as the capital of Mani, the famous area spreading from there on southward. Gythion is built at the foot of Larysion mountain and facing the bay of Laconia. Its harbour serves as main port for Sparti and all Laconia.

Gythion was built at the slopes of the mountain Larysio (also Koumaro), which falls steeply to the bay of Lakonia. As mythic founders Herakles and the God Apollon are delivered. The first referral to the city goes back to 400 b.C. The small island, Kranai, opposite to the city, Homer mentions, saying, that beautiful Helena and Paris are to have spent the first common night there after the kidnap in Sparti and before their embarkation for Troia.

Already in the antiquity Gythion was an important commercial port for the Phoenicians. Later the Spartians used the port for their special purposes - as their naval port.